Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Strange Morning

I found this "wrapped" car on Laurel Street. Wedding party?

Then became intrigued with the lighting cast by the sodium vapor lights in the alley between Main and Franklin.

I discovered where you can take your dog for a little "Private Barking".

And another shopping cart.

Finally, I happened upon this guy who at first I thought was talking to me. It soon became apparent he was talking to himself. I continued on and he followed me. And followed me. I stopped and took his photo and then continued walking. After a mile I ducked into an alley and lost him. I'm sorry he is homeless but I really don't need a pet.


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  2. I would have been scared if someone followed me.

    Your first posted comment by malabei is porn. I reported them. If anyone reads see the above comment before it is deleted, please do not click on it.

  3. Lots of interesting pictures. I like the no barking sign.

  4. Thanks. I have tightened up my comments area access and removed the offender.

  5. I like the mood of those pictures!

  6. Love that yellow light. Reminds me of bushfire light.

    BTW, spam arrives when you get 10,000 hits so congratulations!

  7. His name is Bill Dowdell and like many of our homeless folks is actually a pretty brilliant, but far gone young man.

  8. Wow! A wrapped car!

    Love your blog.