Thursday, June 18, 2009


Phase ll of the downtown street renovation is still in progress but the shop owners want everyone to know they are still in business.
That's the Guest House Musuem in the background.

This is looking west on Laurel. The sidewalks have been completed on both sides. The street is now being ripped up, re-graded and restored. The Skunk Train Depot is at the the end of Laurel and you can just see the smoke and steam rising from "Old #45", the Skunk Train Steam engine being warmed up for it's 10:00AM run to Northspur.
The steam engine is the only one we didn't encounter during our hike.

Meanwhile, the toxic waste removal and rehab continues on the old GP Mill site.

But I am off on another adventure.
I am leaving today for a three day "Fly In and Camp Out" at Kalamath, CA. This will be my third year attending this event. The above photo was taken several years ago at the Kalamath event of three of my fellow "Fog Busters" radio controlled model airplane club members starting a replica of a Stinson.
It is a great time of flying, commaderie and camping!!

Yes, I fly RC airplanes! This is a photo of my "Pete", a replica of a Pietenpol Air Camper, taken at our club's flying field north of Fort Bragg.

All this to say that I will be gone (again) until the 23rd of June!! :-)

Have a great weekend and, sorry............,

I just had to post this for my fellow blogger at Montecito Heights.
"Yo! I found another dead Opposum during my walk this morning!!"

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