Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Walking and Gawking

We had a good time at the Kalamath Fly-in and Camp-out. I brought my radio controlled airplanes home in one piece which is always a good sign and have resumed my early morning walks around Fort Bragg. It was a nice sunny morning for walking and gawking! (The sun cleared the coastal hills at 6:05 AM)!

This sign has caught my eye before but today I finally documented it! Nice!

Yellow on yellow. Couldn't pass it up!

Nor this interesting combo.

The sun was just right to highlight this flower. No idea what this flower is besides beautiful.

And an ubiquitous shopping cart. I had to add it to my shopping cart photo collection.

Any guesses as to what's under the bag? Almost looks like an Enterprise Ad.

And Poppies! What's up with Poppies? Where ever there are poppies there are always more. There were offspring growing in the cracks of the street gutter nearby. I shoulda documented them!

These flowers accent a split-rail redwood fence.

And cats. Nothing like early morning sunshine to bring 'em out!

It's good to be back.


  1. I love the silvery split rail fence, the red poppies, and regarding what's under the car cover, I could guess, but since I don't really know, it would just be a stretch.

  2. You're right -- that stretch limo body bag is something else! I enjoyed the walk -- it's my kind of stroll.

  3. Sun and flowers and sunning cats in Fort Bragg. That's the life. Orange flower is watsonia. Little blue guys in split-rail look like campanula.

  4. Thanks Sis for "stretching" your imagination!

    Wish you could come along GrannyJ

    And thanks for the answers to those mystery flowers, Angela.