Friday, June 5, 2009

Local Wandering

I see our local dealership is hanging in there.

This caught my eye, of course!

And I couldn't pass this without a shot. What a lot of work prepping an old Victorian for paint!

This guy was singing his heart out! I had the wrong camera or I would have U-tubed him!

Oh no! It looks like a rip-off. The wooden gnome is missing! I know I have a photo of him on one of my post from a year or two ago. It is times like this I wish I had taken the time to add "Labels".

Don't forget... First Friday tonight! Art Walk. Shops open late!


  1. I actually love the look of the prepped victorian WITHOUT it being repainted!

  2. Perhaps the gnome got a better offer.

  3. Love the deer in the cauldron - great sense of humour there.

  4. Very cool pic of the window on the under-refurbishment Victorian. Pattern of remaining paint gives a bit of an optical illusion that the boards all curve down towards the window kind of like the window is sagging down..