Monday, June 29, 2009

Dublin Monday

5:53 AM

My sister is off to work and I'm off to the hills around Dublin.

The top of one of the hills west of Dublin.

The head of one of the canyons above Dublin.

Lots of stickers in my socks but a fun hike in the hills above Dublin.
I was back to the house by 8:00 AM. Yesterday afternoon the temperature reached 102 degrees! Summer is here!


  1. Ron, what amazing shots; just beautiful! Sure makes me want to visit my Pal.

    I see you sacrificed the shopping cart picture :-). You're a good brother!

  2. Sorry I missed it! Thanks for reintroducing me to the beauty of Dublin!

  3. Lovely scenery -- especially the chinese perspective with those mists.

  4. Great photos! I especially like the last one. I do miss this type of rolling hill for hikes.