Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Daily Grind

Do you suppose this Raven is announcing the beginning of the Daily Grind?

The pink dotted line is the center line for the asphalt grinding and removal starting today. Alder and Redwood Streets will be first.

The machine to do the job arrived this morning.

Meanwhile the hustle is on to get the sidewalks and curbs completed on Laurel Street.

There were some problem areas that slowed the process but it is coming together now.


  1. The 'Oversize Load' warning on the low loader is almost an understatement. There are many fantastic machines about these days, usually quick and efficient but unfortunately doing the jobs of dozens of workers.

  2. Wow, impressive bit of road kit! Am half expecting to see a squadron of Storm Troopers (Starwars) marching off it.

  3. Nothing quite like a cool infrastructure post, I say. You remind me that I've been collecting all these pix or road work & such and have never gotten around to posting them. I guess I'll have to d o a big, supersized road work piece soon or all the work in question will be done!