Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now then.

I see the joys and frustrations of the downtown street and sidewalk re-do is still in progress.

The intersection of Laurel and McPherson is going to require a lot of material removal to get to the new grade.

I couldn't pass this up. Usually I see shoes hanging from the wires. These were just laying in the street!

I walked pass the Internet hot spot in the alley by Headlands Coffeehouse and worked up the courage to ask if I could take a photo for my 100 Strangers project. They, surprisingly (to me), said, "sure". So I ripped off this quick shot, thanked them and departed. No real interaction happened but I am sure it was mostly because of me and my judgemental attitude. I was the one with a barrier raised. Not them. Thanks Merino, Kmeron and Kelly. I have a lot to learn.


  1. I was surprised to see Redwood and Laurel and other streets ripped apart when I was there this weekend! Hadn't the city just fixed them??? I got my hair done at Head Hunters Salon and the lady in there said that the city got some extra money. Ok, sure, I guess so, but to rip up sidewalk they had just finished? Doesn't make much sense to me. Can you fill me in just a bit more?

  2. Haven't skipped a beat, I see.

  3. Nope. The second phase of the downtown street project is now underway. The first phase, two years ago, was Franklin Street,running north and south.

    The current project is improving the four east west streets between Main and McPherson.

    Alder, Redwood, Laurel and Pine.

    It is getting better all the time!