Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday drizzle

Down on the corner near where the PCC store is located are these two Starbucks.  One on each side of the street.  I took this photo and

this photo standing is the same location by only turning ninety degrees!!  Starbucks are all over the place although I hear they are closing down some of them.

And here is the "bulk" section of PCC.
I see they have wild honey in bulk and when my current batch is used up I will be getting some.  I also get my organic oatmeal here.

I'm not a shopper but I gotta tell you, this place has really caught my attention.  I sure hope they can weather the economic downturn.

Thursday is trash pick-up day in this section of Shoreline and this truck and I were progressing along 3rd avenue at about the same speed.
I stopped and made a movie of the operation.

On the final leg of my morning walk I spotted this container ship heading towards Elliott Bay.

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