Friday, January 16, 2009


A very foggy morning yet people can still find the espresso stand!

And I found something in the fog too!  These stairs!!  I discovered them during my walk to the Three Mile Round Trip QFC.  During previous trips to the TMRTQFC I had evidently walked right by these stairs and didn't notice them!  Maybe the lights were off.  Anyway, I walked to the top, counting steps all the way (122) then took the above photo looking back down.  Perfect!

Once I got back down I crossed the street and took this photos of the steps.
I'm really happy to discover them and add them to my morning exercise walk.  Recent discussion on Beating the Bounds was about close hills for exercise walking.  These stairs are not near as scenic, wild or exhausting as Mark's Pepper Pot or the hill, "twenty minutes drive away"  fatdogwalks talks about but hey, they'll do!

Meanwhile, it looks like one of our "fellow 'mericans" has finished his Happy Meal.


  1. Very effective fog shots.

    The garbage, not so much.

  2. Hope you had a good Chrissy and New Year BTW.

  3. As my house is built into a hillside, I have plenty of steps that I can use for a measured amount of exercise. But a lot more interesting are a couple of sets of mystery stairs on local hillsides.

  4. Hi Ron - with that many steps they may not be much smaller than the Pepper Pot!
    Love the views you posted now that the fog has cleared.