Monday, January 19, 2009


This is the first time I have seen a car transmission being used as a mailbox but the box is for a transmission repair shop so I guess it makes sense and saved them the cost of buying one!!  The flag attached to the shifter is a nice touch!

A bit of frost on the berries and leaves.

If you ever lose your sense of direction wandering around Shoreline just remember, moss always grows on the north side!

Returning home I see the Olympics are out, the fog is covering Puget Sound and the frost is in the foreground.  Gonna be another sparkling day with a visit to "mom's" primary care doctor and laundromat after that.  Happy Monday.


  1. Nice walks you take, Ron. I am quite taken with the mail box (I collect outre mailbox pictures, I do.)

  2. You seem to have settled in just fine. 8^)