Saturday, January 24, 2009

Edmonds round trip

But first let me show you the view from the living room last evening!

Okay.  Now then.  During my morning walk to Edmonds and back I discovered my first "Oddity" since I have been here!  See it?  The storm drain grate got rotated when they replaced it after a storm drain cleaning.  See the remnant fog stripe on the far side?  Cool!

Downtown Edmonds.  They have "quaint-ed" it up and done a nice job of it.


Ah, the ubiquitous Starbucks.

Edmonds graffiti artists seem to have more artistic ability than our fumblers in Fort Bragg.

Jeez!  Even the clock is wrong!

Okay Elaine, here is my rebuttal to your manzaneta skin blog.

Elaine found a beauty shop with perm drying chairs even more cool than the ones I discovered in my mother-in-law's beauty parlor.  They even had ash-trays in the arm rests!!  So this photo is an attempt at "pay-back" although this might be a madrone.

Returning home just the peak of the Olympics was sticking up above the fog.


  1. I suspect that is a Pacfic Madrone ... love the distince elbow shape you captured. See my comment on Elaine's hair dryer post for my memory of those things -:)

  2. I think your Madrone has psoriasis of the "elbow".

  3. PS ... love the sunset out the window.