Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just like the prairie Indians had many names for wind, Seattle-ites have various names for snow and today's offering is call "flurries";  a bit more than a "dusting" but not really enough for a serious snowman.

I walked over to Fred Myer and Deseret Second Hand on Aurora for a four and a half mile round trip exploration this morning.  I discovered Fred Myer opens at 7:00 AM and Deseret isn't open on Sundays at all and 10:00 AM on week days.  Fred Myers has some items I will need for my mother-in-law on occasion and the Deseret has a great selection of used books!
Along the way I was intrigued by this reflection of the Highland Ice Arena's neon sign.

I spotted this lost glove with a "dusting" of snow on it and thought about the story Phreerunner posted about "Bluey" the lost and found glove beside the Burma Road.

Here is the homeless encampment on the grounds of the Calvin Presbyterian Church under a "dusting" of snow.

And finally, back home to my mother-in-laws house which she and her husband built in the 40's.  Many real estate people knocked on her door in recent years wanting to buy and subdivide her large lot but those days are over.
For now.


  1. The homeless encampment at sunrise is beautiful and sad at the same time. I can't imagine sleeping in a tent in that kind of weather.

  2. The homeless camp reminds me of the film I just saw (Wendy and Lucy). Not such a good film, BTW. We got a little more snow I think. Like the glove.

  3. I feel so sorry for that poor glove. What will become of her?
    Meanwhile, I'm pleased to inform you that I'm feeling much better, though I've not been out recently as it's a bit cold and The Boss got some thicker gloves whilst I was out adventuring. Serves me right, I suppose, but I'm very happy and warm sitting next to my twin sister on the clothes rack.

  4. I've been meaning to drop by to tell you how much I enjoy taking your walks with you. Especially, since I am never up at such an engodly hour, except when I have to catch an airplane down in Phoenix. You show me what the world looks like in that early predawn world. Many thanks.