Saturday, January 17, 2009

Richmond Beach Rehab and Beyond

Grandma's looking good and having a good time on this exercise machine.

And she has greatly improved her score on the "Toss the bean bag into the bucket" game.
Her twice a week visits are a real highlight for her.

As for me, I decided this morning my goal was to walk to the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry terminal down by Puget Sound.  Just over a seven mile, round trip, walk with the first half mostly down hill and the return a nice heart rate raising uphill.  It took me two hours and fifteen minutes. Excellent!

I arrived at the half way point just as the ferry was pulling into the terminal.

Heading back up the hill I took this photo of myself (using the timer) to show my latest addition, a L.E.D. clip-on on the back of my hat!  It is brighter than it looks in this photo and I only use it when walking the "tricky spots" where there is no sidewalk or shoulder.


A nice sounding name for condos.  I wonder if they actually have a trail and encourage walking.


  1. Very nice report - on Grandma and the walk to the ferry. I like your safety light!

  2. I'm glad you're thinking of safety in that dark fog. I think I walked about half a mile today, and that was plenty. I need to get out more.

  3. This is the ferry we use each June going over to Forks. I know this road so well! And here it is. How cool is that, Ron. 7 miles. Wow. I bet you had a good breakfast after that.