Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rain Makes Me Happy??

I am quite surprised at myself for getting so excited and happy over rain.  I am the one who gets depressed by the endless rains of winter and has to run away to the desert for a sun fix but this time, after months and months of no rain, I found myself walking around checking alleys for puddles to photograph!!

Yesterday afternoon the clouds were forming and moving north.  Winds from the south almost always indicates rain on the way and this time they were right.

Speaking of water, I looked in the windows of the Sigrid and Harry Spath Aquatic Center to see if the pool had been dug yet.  Nope.

This is what it is supposed to look like, someday.
Here is an article from the happier times of 2002 about the Aquatic Center and its financing by the Starr Foundation, a philanthropic arm of AIG (American International Group).

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  1. Months without rain! Can't really imagine it - days without rain are a wonder here. I have been experimenting with puddle photos, but haven't achieved anything as satisfying as yours here.