Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's Observations

I doubt I had anything to do with it but I see all the lights are working again at Cotton Auditorium!

I happened upon these along Cypress Street.  I don't believe they are Laurel but they sure were pretty in the early morning light.

Another Five Spot like flower, only white.  A type of Rose I believe.  Even though winter is coming this bush has a lot of buds.

For some reason this "Reserved for Police Only" sign makes me smile even though it is near the entry to the Emergency Room of the Mendocino Coast District Hospital.

I can't pass up "Cow Art".  In fact I used to own a VW Bus I painted to look like a cow, sorta.

Not Bangladesh.  Fort Bragg.

Okay, here is my first attempt to respond to the "CTC", the Crooked Tree Challenge, I invented when I saw the crooked tree Mark at "Beating the Bounds" photographed (The photo I'm talking about is the fifth one down on this page)

Fort Bragg's City Hall is being remodeled and services have temporarily moved to 333 N. Franklin just half a block south.  I hope they remember to re-move the "For Rent" sign!


  1. Hi Ron,
    1) The "five spot-like" flowers are on Cistus plants. The Mendocino Botanical gardens at one time attempted to have a comprehensive collection of these.

    2) Nice "crooked tree". Gott'a say, the one on Beating the Bounds is the best I've seen!

  2. I agree with suziam about the Cistus. It's commonly called "rock rose". The purple flowers above it are Mexican sage. And I love that tightly trimmed hedge at the hospital!

  3. I like the crooked tree challenge too Ron!

    I always thought that the CTC was the Cycle Touring Club or the Coast to Coast long distance footpath, but I like the idea of a Crooked Tree Challenge! Expect more tree photos on my blog!