Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Full Moon Musing

I wake at 5:55 AM for my daily walk and wonder why I don't change to 6:55 or 3:00 PM when it is lighter out for photographing and, warmer.  Then I notice the full moon shining in my bedroom window saying, "Come on out and see the possibilities".

Okay, so, on my way to Wiggly Giggly park for my daily chin-up's and push-ups I notice the center stripe has been applied to Harrison Street.

After my febble attempts at push-ups and chin-ups I check out the house on Oak Street that always puts on quite the "do" for various holidays.  The full moon adding a nice touch.

Dawn "dawns" and the Franklin Street street lights start winking out one by one.  I have never figured out why the lamps on the east side of Franklin start going out before the ones on the west.

Heading home I photograph this concrete pig in the alley between Laurel and Pine and wonder....

if pink pigs could fly, would they leave pink contrails?

All in all, another wonderful, interesting walk.

1 comment:

  1. I may have to start taking my camera out when I head out to the Y at 5:15 had'nt thought about the possibilities, great photos.