Friday, October 24, 2008


I did a run (walk) out to Virgin Creek this morning to see the hazard signs that had been put in place to warn about contaminated water.  A local radio station even said swimmers were warned to not swim with-in fifty yards of the Virgin Creek outlet!  Looking around, no signs did I see except......

these two which have been dueling for years.  (The second sign says, "Private Property, you may feed the ducks here.")

Returning home along the haul road I noticed what looked like banks of snow.  Closer inspection revealed some kind of blooming plant that was putting out gobs of fluff.

Any idea what it could be?

Note:  Within an hour or two I received this e-mail:

Hi Ron

The plant with the fluffy seeds is a Baccharis pilularis, called Coyote Brush or Bush


Parked at the trailhead was a SUV from Maine with this bumper sticker.  Not familiar with Spanish I wondered if it meant for or against?  When I got home I asked my wife if she thought the sign was pro or con.  She said it is a play on Vamanos but means "Let's go!"

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