Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Morning

Our current gas prices.

I walked around to the far end of Pomo Park and took this photo looking back at Noyo Harbor and the Noyo Bridge.

Returning across the bridge I peeked in the windows of the refurbished Cliff House.


Another view from the bridge.  Some more, to my mind, "Street Art".

I see it is time to clean the gutter at this gas station!  That ol' Pampas Grass really gets around!

I have noticed the Ravens are getting amorous.  These were grooming each other.

The Desert Five Spot is one of my favorite flowers.  This local  "Wild Rose" looks sort of like one.

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  1. I'm shocked about the prices at Chevron over there. During the summer it happened to be one of the cheaper spots to get gas in all of Mendocino County. Now the rest of the Chevron stations, save maybe Laytonville and now Fort Bragg, are below $4/gallon.