Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Findings

Here's another neon sign for the collection I started in January 2007.  This one is in Columbi's Market on the northwest corner of Oak and Harold.

And I just had to shoot the driers in Columbi's Laundry even though I already shot it in December 2006.  I guess I am starting to repeat myself!!

And, while I'm at it, here is the current lighting situation at Cotton Auditorium.  They were burning out lights right and left several years ago and changed over to the more energy efficient, longer lasting, bulbs but now I see they are burning out too.  Here is my photo from November 2006.

And look at that!  The Middle School is encouraging the kids to walk to school next week!

Why..... er....  I remember when I was a young whipper/snapper back in Nebraski .... and I had to walk to school in a blizzard.... and I had to follow the "bob-wire" fence so I wouldn't get lost....  and I had to hang onto my little brother's hand.... and....


  1. Not only did he have to hang onto my hand we had to walk uphill both to and from school ;-)

    Yo Bro!

  2. I like this Columbi's Laundry photo over the old one. The dryers look more menacing.