Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Back!

We rolled into Fort Bragg Monday afternoon and I had to drive up Franklin Street to see how the tree installation was coming along. I spotted Terry's truck and knew work was in progress.

Here is Terry loading up what looks like Lake County volcanic rock for the topping over the dirt. He was putting the finishing touches to the last tree he installed.

Here is an example of the finished product by City Hall. The trees look great!

Speaking of looking great. The Furniture Mart on Franklin has finished it's re-do.

And the Mendo-Lake Credit Union is in the final phase of construction. They too did landscaping and added street lights that look the same as those along Franklin.

They even have a clock that now WORKS!!!

If any of you are wondering how that rocket I built worked. Here is a photo of lift-off!! We estimated it went half a mile up and a quarter of a mile down range out there in the Mojave Wilderness! I will have our complete Spring Break 2008 travelogue up on my webpage later today in the Where I Go section.

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  1. Welcome home. Sounds like a perfect Spring Break. Loved the photos. Beautiful moon.