Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Amazing Turnout of Friends, Sponsors and Press!!


Just kidding! No, at 6:30 AM it was just me, myself and I ready to hit the trail, "That-a-way"!

I admit I was tempted but I decided to press on.

Someone lives in a house of flowers!!

Quite an interesting tree. Probably as old as the house!

Main Street traffic jam waiting for the California Western maintenance crew to clear the signal block.

Me too. Where do I sign up?

Another tempting rest stop but no. Onward!

I have always wondered about a house like this built in a lumber company town. Quite interesting.

The ADA Ramp work continues.

People talk about "Runner's High". I seem to get "Walker's Dumb". I reach a point where I am just walking and not really thinking about much, just sort of, "In the Zone". It takes a bumper sticker like this to snap me out of it!! Thanks!

9:00 AM and I'm on the final leg. I see the Diesel is making up the coaches for another Skunk Train run. They leave the station at 10:00 AM.

I arrived back at the Headlands Coffee House at 9:06 AM. I walked a distance of 7.82 miles! I had gone a bit further than I originally planned because I missed a street and had to go back and walk it in order for the "trail" on my GPS to be complete! I had this GPS with me this morning and it recorded my walk. Pretty amazing!

*********Tomorrow's plan*************