Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day Five. Half way there!

It is getting lighter at 6:30 every morning but there was a strange sky this morning and a flip of the coin as to "whether the weather" would get better or worse.

I am the first one across the Pudding Creek Trestle this morning so I had to do it a bit different! You will note I walked eight paces on one board and then moved over to the next board for another eight paces, etc. etc. Why? Why not!!

Some folks in a hurry.

The cloud pattern started dissipating as you can see reflected in Virgin Creek.

One goose by itself on the bluff. Just looking around.

It was still too cool in the morning for the California Poppies to open up.

My turn around point at 3.35 miles, the Lost Coast beckoning in the distance.

Virgin Creek Bridge reflection.

Only .03 mile short of the Headlands Coffeehouse and the end of today's 6.7 mile walk.

Here's today's route. I'm now at 36.68 miles and counting.

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