Friday, April 4, 2008

Day Four. Random Photos.

More miles. Random photo opportunities catch my eye and since I am Mr. Retired Guy I make it my policy to always stop, step back and shoot!

Fore instance, these stairs near V-Canto's on Laurel Street

and my policy of shooting shopping carts "In Situ".

plus, interesting patterns

or interesting oddities like this one which seems to indicate they have run out of ADA Ramp ideas!

I'm thinking possible "knock knock" joke?

Possible displacement?

I can't pass up a bird like this Great Blue Heron "shopping" in the field scheduled for construction of 104 apartments....

and gas prices. Always worth documenting..., "Why I remember when gas was only 25 cents a gallon and I got a jelly jar or a steak knife during "Gas Wars!". I had no idea what Gas War really meant!

Anyway, I added 6.96 miles to my Birthday Walk's "running total", now up to 29.5 miles. Tomorrow, the Haul Road to Mackerricher and back.

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