Monday, April 7, 2008

Day Seven. A Walk on the Wild Side.

Today I walked the California Western "Skunk Tracks" out along Pudding Creek to the first tunnel.

Early morning heading out of town.
Pudding Creek.

Equisetum "Horse Tails", one of the oldest existing plants!

Second or third generation Redwood Trees.

A typical burned out Redwood Stump with a hollow in one side. These are called "Goose Pens". Probably from the days hollow stumps like these were used to pen animals.

A siding just before the tunnel, a flatbed rail car parked on it. The brake wheel in the foreground.

Looking south through the tunnel. Built by Chinese workers in the early 1900's.

I left the tracks from the Pudding Creek side. The other side of the tunnel is the Noyo River drainage. I found a minimal trail and hike up and surprisingly steeply up to connect with Sherwood Road for my return walk to Oak Street and Fort Bragg.

Some wild violets along the trail to cheer me on. Perfect.

My total birthday miles now stands at 49.67. I kind of wish I had walked the extra 0.33 mile to make an even 50 because 50 divided by 7 days of walking would have been 7.142857142857142857142857 miles per day!

Tomorrow, a special treat! Two friends are joining me for part of my ongoing birthday walk!!

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