Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Nine. To Pomo Bluffs Park and Back

I can see summer vacation is getting closer!

The sun cleared the coastal hills at 6:56 AM. Lighting the North Cliff motel known locally as the "Too Tall Motel".

And the winner is...... !

A fishing boat heading out to sea from Noyo Harbor. Getting to be a rare sight.

One of the Pomo Bluffs Park reader boards. Being read by a White Crown Sparrow.

Thar's the Pacific!
It is now " Ab Season". That means the season is open for Abalone and the "rock pickers" are out picking during low tide. The red arrow points to a couple of 'em, pickers, that is.

My little Canon S3-IS camera tried to bring them in. Not bad for a hand held shot!!

The average height of the bluffs along here is around 90 feet.

Returning home I "caught" another shopping cart for my photo collection.

Here's this morning's route. I made it short, only a round trip of 4.27 miles, in order to leave exactly 6.7 miles for tomorrow's final Birthday walk!

My original plan for tomorrow was to walk out to Happy Lane, take my photo leaning against the [HAPPY LN] sign and walk back home but I recently noticed someone stole it!! That kind of takes the "HAPPY" out of my Happy Birthday walk plan but I'll figure out something!

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