Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Ten. Happy Birthday Minus Happy

I see several people and a bicycle beat me to the Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge this morning!!

My plan for my actual Birthday was to walk out to Happy Lane and stand beside the sign but, no! Someone ripped off the Happy sign!!

I see the locals made a temporary sign.

Here is what it looked like last year.

This is the first sign I have noticed that actually mentioned the Haul Road.

My walk wouldn't be complete without a shopping cart photo. Some fool tossed this one off the Pudding Creek Highway One Bridge!

My ten day walk marathon is now complete. A total of 67.67 miles!! Woo Hoo! I feel great!
The following award given by my Brother and Sister. Thanks!


I discovered there are exactly 100 days from January 1 to April 10, 2009. Now if I walked 6.8 miles each of those days it would add up to 680 miles!! Hmmmm.


  1. Happy B-Day, love your blog, keep 'um coming!

    fellow FB resident, Jane

  2. Got champagne??!!!
    Yer awesome. Happy Birthday!


  3. Great going, Ron. Your birthday marked the day I left the San Francisco Bay Area! Next year maybe I can join you on one of those 100 days! ~ Love, Suzanne

  4. Are those walking sticks you're leaning on? I love mine. They make a HUGE difference.

  5. Yeah, I have a walking stick. I can also use it as a mono-pod for my camera. That is how I was able to take a photo of myself in the Goose Pen during my walk out the RR tracks. Quite handy!

    Enjoy Vancouver, WA