Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day Eight. More Talking Less Gawking

Johanna (in the middle) and my wife Lolli joined me for my walk this morning. It was very nice to walk and talk for a change. Plus, we left at 8:00 AM instead of my usual 6:30 so we met more walkers on the Ten Mile Haul Road most of whom Johanna or Lolli knew! Here we are on the Pudding Creek Trestle Bridge.

By the Baxman pond we discovered a fresh batch of ducks! Mom keeping a close eye on her brood.

Pop hanging near by.

We spotted this guy on lookout. I think he thought we couldn't see him if he held really really still!

The ladies soon had to head home to do important stuff while I peeled off to finish my daily goal of 6.7 miles. A very beautiful morning. Perfect temperature. Perfect friends.


Only 11 more miles to my goal of 67!