Saturday, October 20, 2007


Since Blog Action Day October 15th I have been reading blogs addressing environmental issues. Blogs by people coming up with great experimentation, information and suggestions on how to improve life and the environment. Then, yesterday morning, I ended up in a one way “conversation” with Mr. Local Grumpy Man. I have been thinking about the dichotomy ever since. Thinking about how we choose to look at things. Whether we think the glass is half full or half empty.

I know Fort Bragg was an extractive town during its heyday. It provided lumber and fish for the world market. Good jobs. Money for houses, schools, infrastructure.

Those days are gone. Local resources have been decimated. Yes, there are still fish off our coast but you can no longer pitchfork salmon out of the Noyo River for garden fertilizer. We still have trees in the forest but it now takes ten logs to make a load instead of one or three. The extraction heyday is over.

A lot of local people are trying to figure out what to do now. How to bring in money to keep the economy going. It is going to be very interesting.

I do know if anything works it will be because of the people in town who see the glass as half full.

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  1. I agree its the glass half full folks that make the difference. There really is something to the saying "think globally act locally". Thanks for adding me to your favorite blogs, as soon as I figure out how to do that I will return the favor.