Friday, October 19, 2007

More Rain

The rain continues....

A great time to read some blogs!!

Here is another one that is a fun and informative "enviromental" read.

No Impact Man

And then there is "Local Grumpy Man".

I did manage to get in a short walk between rain “events”. But on the way back I happened to see a fellow walker inside the Headlands Coffee House. I ducked in to say hi and ended up sitting there listening to him tell me why everything is going to hell in Fort Bragg.

“Fort Bragg is run by a bunch of people who don’t know anything. They have no sense of history.

“The GP Mill property will never be anything but industrial property, there will never be any residential property.

“Fort Bragg is the only city in California listed as “Isolated”. The closest major road is one hour away and when that goes we are cut off.

“The Mill used to keep the roads in good shape but those days are gone. There isn’t enough equipment now to maintain the roads in the event of a landslide or bridge collapse.

“The last real winter we had was in 1978, thirty years ago and we are past due.

“There are no real jobs in Fort Bragg. Everyone is moving out. People are defaulting on their mortgages.

“Even the Mexicans are leaving because there are no jobs.”

There was no way I could tell him about Thanksgiving Coffee, The Living Light Institute, Noyo Food Forest and all the other small start-ups and progressive ideas happening in Fort Bragg.

There was no point in telling him about environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles. No. He is looking at Fort Bragg from the perspective of when he had a job at the Mill, made a good wage with overtime and health benefits. His glass is half empty. Those days are gone.

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