Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay. Where were we?

I've been away from my blog a few days. My oldest son and family were visiting Fort Bragg and we were busy "doing the town". Fortunately, for us guys, we were able to catch the last run of Ol' 45 this season.

Now they have returned home and I have resumed my wanderings.

I have been meaning to mention some of the dog friendly activities around town. There is a "dogs off leash" beach on the north side of Noyo Harbor and there is an ongoing project to create a dog park in town. Find out more here.

Today is October 29th and this tomato plant on the east side of Franklin Street is still going strong.

Have you ever tried to stop your newspaper delivery? I have been watching this ongoing waste of trees all summer. Most ridiculous.

Work in the alley between Main Street and Franklin Street is underway. Sections of the sewer need upgrading and refurbishing before the new asphalt can be laid.

Oh, okay. Here's another shopping cart .

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  1. Wow my tomatoes quit some time ago. Interesting shot of the newspapers, seems like the delivery person might get a bit more curious, does seem like a waste.