Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Morning Observations

We had a pretty good rain yesterday afternoon and evening so I had a nice fresh morning for walking. At the north end of town, along Winifred Street, I discovered a whole bunch of seed pods and leaves down on the street and sidewalk.

I have not seen this type of tree debris anywhere else in town. Of course I got to wondering what kind of tree it was.

When I got home I Googled “Tree Identification”. 704,00 hits showed up and among them I selected a website called, “What Tree is it?”

In no time at all I discovered the tree is an American Chestnut. (Ain’t computers sumpin!)

Yesterday my wife and I happened to drive past the corner of Oak and Main. A contractor fence was up and equipment was pushing dirt around. “Now what?”

So this morning I walked by and talked to the guy on the tractor. I asked him, “What-cha building?”

“A bank.”

Which one?

He didn’t know. He and his crew are from Cotati.

For the first time in my morning wanderings I happened to notice a piece of heavy equipment moving around on the old GP mill site! The driver seemed to be checking to see if it was big enough to tear down the kiln sheds. But then the operator moved it over to an open area, parked it and left.

Yesterday afternoon I got a letter from Pacific Gas and Electric Company announcing a “PLANNED ELECTRIC SERVICE INTERRUPTION”. Areas affected will be: N McPherson - E Laurel - E Pine - N Harrison - E Fir - N Harold - N Corry and surrounding areas of Fort Bragg, CA.

The stated purpose is:

“Replacing a pole with completely for safety and performance.”

The actual words in the notice!!

Anyway, I believe our two historic redwood poles will be involved. Their estimated “day of demise” (my words) will be October 18 between 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM.

At the bottom the notice said “If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the number below.

Keara Donahue (707) 579-6449

I called. The harried sounding woman said, “Someone will get back to you”.


These folks on Oak Street are really getting into the Halloween thing.

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