Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The "Train" is Leaving Downtown

The “train” is heading north towards Manzanita Street. The “heavy lifting” portion of activity between the Post Office and City Hall should start to quiet down. It was really quite a ruckus as the train passed by. That, and the “Vibratory” machine compacting the ”AC Foam”. It was enough to rattle your fillings and make coffee cups dance off the counter!!

I heard some activity in the alley and took a peek. Turns out Triton Water Technology was changing out my water meter.

Here is the replacement unit with the antenna attached. I checked on Google and discovered, in the Fort Bragg Agenda Item Summary, that this is an "Upgrade to the City’s water meters."

"This project will consist of the installation of 2,821 automated meter reading devices. Maintenance staff will read the meters by driving City streets with a radio signal receiver attached to a laptop computer. Radio signals from each meter will be recorded and stored in a format that will be compatible with the City’s billing software."

No more traipsing though back yards. No more being chased by dogs!

And finally, the parking lot at the Senior Center (Middle School) has been refreshed. It looks great.

There sure is a lot going on this summer!

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