Thursday, August 9, 2007

6:32 AM and on a Roll

It has been tough blogging recently. Maybe I had "marine layer depression" because this morning the sun peeked over the coastal hills, lit up our little burg, highlighted the Guest House Musuem and put a spring in my step. I suddenly had all kinds of things to blog about.

This store on Redwood Avenue always tickles me! I really like their sign and

the goodies in their window.

Along Franklin Street, just on the other side of a fence, is this wonderful cluster of Dahlias. I Wikipedia-ed them and discovered some interesting facts. Click here.

And, of course, I had to add to my collection of Shopping Carts.

When I was photographing this one the neighbor came out to get his newspaper and asked me what I was doing?

"Photographing Shopping Carts".



And finally, a friend in the Bay Area sent me a link to a very interesting blog about a woman preparing to row across the Pacific. She has already rowed across the Atlantic!!


  1. "Why?" What a ridiculous question.

  2. "Why?"

    Silly question. Somebody has to document the diaspora.