Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Old Friends

How nice.

I'm having second thoughts about the new street lights. It was my understanding that the above type of street light was temporary.

Monday I noticed lamp posts with this kind of light on top, like the ones at the intersection of Franklin and Laurel. Today I noticed there is a mix of both kinds of lamp tops along Franklin Street but they are all mounted on the same sort of cheesy lamp post. Me thinks that maybe the real deal will still come along and they will look more like....


I guess I could ask someone but that would take all the mystery out of it!

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  1. Hey Blabberon, according to my sources, the light fixtures currently in place are entirely temporary. Someone, er, forgot to order the light posts when they were tearing out the sidewalks, which is incidentally why it took so long to put the new sidewalks in. The "real" lamp posts are supposed to be here "in a few weeks."