Thursday, August 16, 2007

Keeping my EYE on Things

Heh heh.

A soft, foggy, morning. These sunflowers have reached their prime.

I got to noticing the small “free hand” lay-out marks indicating where the "Bott Dots, signage and stripes should go. I thought I ought to “document” them before they are gone. Note the small “free hand” R R and the wee dots for the Bott Dots.

Freehand “Bike”

"CL" meaning Center Line

This one is interesting. There is a hand sprayed line and a faint chalk “snap cord” line indicating where this stripe should go but I guess wiser heads prevailed.

My morning walk wouldn’t be complete with out a Shopping Cart

or two!

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  1. I've just come off several weeks of grandson duty. He's two years old. That Monsters Inc. character is pretty familiar to me now!