Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holy Moly

What a morning. I overslept by fifteen minutes, gravity was exceptionally strong and I had a hard time deciding to get up and go. But, like always, I am glad I did; the most glorious morning was arriving and it ultimately contained all the elements I most enjoy on a morning walk.

Interesting clouds.

A moon and a Raven.

A shopping cart.

Some shoes.

All the Franklin Street lamps in place.

And the crosswalks getting their brick red finish.


  1. My kids think the fake cobble crosswalks are pretty funny. We like your picture of the moon over the City of Fort Bragg arch - very spooky.

  2. Your pics are great as always. I was wondering if you no longer plan to add to your Blabberron site - haven't seen any trip stuff anymore ?

    Bob in Portland