Sunday, August 12, 2007

It is Not Over until it Is Over

Friday a crew of guys measured and laid out the location for the Parking and No Parking areas on Franklin Street in preparation for doing the stripping Monday.
Saturday morning I spotted a guy driving a truck north on Franklin Street. He was stopping every now and then, hopping out and marking a red X here and there. I caught up with him and asked what was going on. He said the places with the red X indicate where the blacktop will be jack-hammered out!

“Yep, cross walks are going to be installed.”

Turns out the crosswalks on Franklin between Oak and Pine will look like this one on the corner of Laurel and Main.
Also, the street lights along Franklin are only temporary.

They will be replaced with street lights that look like this, once they arrive, I'm told.


The Good Year Blimp flew past the east edge of town Friday at 11:17 AM. It might have been on its way to the Bay Area from Portland or Seattle?

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