Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hoot, Coo and Caw

For the past week or so I have heard an owl hooting in the Harold O. Bainbridge park during my morning walk. This morning I decided to try and record his hooting. I had to wait a while but finally the hooting began. Perfect!

When I got home I downloaded the file onto my computer and checked the results.

What's this?

It sounds like a Mourning Dove! Some how the hooting got converted to cooing!!

And, towards the end, check it out...,

is that Raven laughing at me??



I received the following message from my bird authority:

"The mystery bird is an eurasian collared dove. I heard they had been moving into the area there. Not all birders are happy about it-- interlopers, don'tcha know."

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