Friday, August 10, 2007

Progress Report

Here are a couple utility accesses raised to grade level and waiting for a final layer of asphalt and a lid. Overall, it looks like only two days were involved in this aspect of the Franklin Street re-do. Stripping will probably be next.
Progress on the Pudding Creek Trestle lurches forward. More footings are being framed up on the north end. I understand the main hang-up is installing the pilings needed to finish the span. Now days there are many environmental concerns about pile driving.

Looking down Maple Street towards the mill site I don’t see a lot of progress but I read in this weeks paper that one of the tractor/trailer rigs hauling “debris from buildings being torn down on the Georgia-Pacific mill site” overturned by McGuire Pond out Highway 20 due to excessive speed. I guess something is going on but it is hard to tell from here. I made note of where I was standing when I took this photo and will take more photos, from time to time, to see if anything changes.

Two Ravens, “affiliated” with the First Baptist Church....

seem to be having a discussion about the lack of progress with a family.

While the pair of Ravens on top of City Hall seem to be proud as punch as they groom their new progeny....

and prepare to face the world.

And finally, there has been more progress on my collection of Shopping Cart Photos.

Who knows, it could be Art!!

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