Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's LandLoper's walk

This walk was along the coast between Van Damme Beach and Chapman Point.  A total of four miles.

An enthusiastic turn-out on a day with the marine layer lurking just off shore.  A passing tourist offered to take a shot of all of us.  Thanks!

Off we go under moss draped pines.

To eventually burst out into glorious view and sunshine!

After catching our breath! we head north.

Black Oystercatcher.

A small waterfall with it's water immediately disappearing into the sand!

Old fence left over from the Spring Ranch days.

A clutch of LandLopers.

Harbor Seal.

Another pair with the one sticking it's tail-feathers straight up in the air for some reason.

Chapman Point property.  Keep Out!
Our enforced turn around point.
The marine layer rolled in as we returned to our starting point.  An excellent hike.
If you are interested in joining our Wednesday morning jaunts send me an e-mail and I will let our head guide and instigator, Nancy, know.
We hit the trail  8:30 Wednesday mornings and try to cover six miles in three hours.

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