Thursday, February 4, 2010

Attention! Attention!

This Sunday, "light" rain or shine, let's go for a walk.
Forget the "Lite" Beer and Sofa!

Meet on the steps of City Hall at 2:00 PM this coming Sunday, February 7th, 2010.
2:00 PM  *  2:00 PM

We will walk just over six miles.  Should take about two and a half ~ three hours depending on how much gawking and talking is involved.  Bring your camera, some snackage, water if you like.
Give me a heads up if you would like to come along.
See you at City Hall. (One block east on Laurel Street, turn left on Franklin.  There it is!)

Horse and buggy tie-down rings * Stage Coach step * Glass Beach * Obelisks * Donner Party *
the Vortex * West street to Wall Street * Pudding Creek Trestle *  A great variety of houses, dogs and cats