Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HaikuBones: "Fraught"

There's one that says "Fraught"
Next one might say "ought" or "naught"
Good ol' Burma Shave!

I'm having fun with HaikuBones.  They offer a weekly prompt.  I see what it is and then go to bed thinking about it.  I keep a small note book and pen by the bed.  This week's prompt was "Fraught".  Of course most of the entries were "Fraught with impending disaster and blood" types of Haiku's but for some reason I was more struck with what could rhyme with Fraught.  And then I got to thinking about those Burma Shave signs we enjoyed while on vacation crossing Wyoming back in the day.  The Haiku "form" doesn't lend itself to the Burma Shave format and maybe my entry totally sucks but it sure was fun thinking it up.  I enjoy word games.


  1. Remembering Burma Shave signs! What fun they were. I like the way you used the prompt.

  2. I remember those signs from along the road. Was there really something called Burma Shave?

  3. I liked your use of the prompt!!