Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old drawing

This is a wonderful framed drawing (copy) at the top of the stairs in City Hall.  I tried to take photos of it "hand held" in poor light but, here it is.  Unfortunately there is no date!!

It shows ships in Soldier's Bay, the "Skunk" train heading into the woods.  The Stewart and Weller houses to the left of the train track curve over there on the left.

Whoever drew it drew a hell of a lot of trees!!
Some folks have asked about my recent "heart incident".  The tests showed nothing alarming.  Some friends suggested I stop drinking caffeinated tea.  I did and have not experienced any more "flutter" or "flip-flops".  So far.  So good!!  Woo Hoo!!  Thanks for asking. :-)


  1. What will you do next though? You now have absolutely nothing left to give up!! :-))

  2. Always fascinating to see pictures and drawings of how towns and cities looked in their early days. It would be interesting to see an aerial shot of the same area for comparison. I wonder how much forest there is now.
    Interesting the way the street blocks show up ready for the expansion of the built up area.