Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Russian Gulch

We get a notice via the MCLandlopers Yahoo Group: 
Hi Everyone,

Because the waterfall should be quite spectacular now we'll do Russian Gulch State Park with our destination the waterfall. We'll start at the trailhead of the North Boundary Trail at the Park HQ east of Highway 1 and travel east to the junction of the East Trail and the North Boundary Trail. We'll follow the East Trail to the waterfall and then take the Fern Canyon Trail to the North Trail and return via the North Trail to the North Boundary Trail and back to Park HQ.

For those who have never been there, entry to the State Park HQ is on the east side of Highway 1 directly across the entrance to Russian Gulch State Park and Point Cabrillo Road on the west side of the highway.

Meet at 8:30AM in the Park HQ parking area.

And... We did!! 

Someone made a smiley face in the rotted butt of this log.

Lots of "blow downs" from the recent storm.

See us up there?

Pygmy pothole filled with tannin stained water

All in all, most excellent!

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