Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Half Milestone!

Excuse me for beating my own drum but....
This morning I swam half a mile!!!  Seventeen laps!!  Well, just short of half a mile but still, for an old fart, I'm stoked!

I started swimming just after Christmas last year and completed two laps that day.  I was whipped!
So I continued at two laps per day for a week.  The next week I increased to three laps.
Then four, and then five.  Each week adding one lap.  Swimming at 6:45 AM five days a week.

I'm only doing the crawl.  Just back and forth without flip-turns.  Recently I began working on being more efficient through the water; head down, longer strokes with a bit of a coast between strokes.  I decreased my stroke count for twenty-five yards from fourteen to nine!

Just like walking.  I used to think a two mile walk was huge.  Now I walk six or seven miles and don't give it a thought.

All I had to do was get my mind right, get up and Get OUT.  Amazing!!


  1. Yay, Ron! What an inspiration. Congratulations!

  2. That's terrific Ron, a good example for us.

  3. I used to swim, but I had trouble remembering what lap I was on. Good for you for having not only the physical, but also the mental stamina!

  4. That is a fabulous accomplishment! Keep up the great work! PS thanks for stopping in and reading my Haiku!

  5. Yo Bassfo,

    I always thought "Runner's High" was an improved memory experience but for me it is what I call, "Runner's Dumb"! I loose track of what, why, who and where!! I'm told my blood is busy helping me move and skimping on supplying my brain!! :-)

    At the pool I move a foam float board one tile at a time from left to right to keep count of my laps. Once I start doing flip turns... well, I guess I will have to glance at the clock and average it out!!

  6. Just proves you're smarter than I am. I'm so dumb I'm still running a 2.1 in my Vanagon.

    I'm up at 5 running and lifting weights though. It's guess it's easier to count to 10.