Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Next Morning

Twenty Four hours later looking east on Laurel Street and the fog is gone. Actually it burned off yesterday before noon. Very typical Fall type coastal weather.

The "Naked Ladies", Amaryllis, are in full swing!

And I can't head for the hills without posting one more photo of a shopping cart. It's been a while, you know!
As for the hills..., well, I'm getting excited.
Pete and Dave came over yesterday morning and we had a menu planning session. Then we went shopping at Harvest Market. Once all was said and done we spent $142.65. When you divide that out amongst three guys; breakfast, lunch and dinner for eight days we got off pretty cheap! Total weight of the food and packaging was 18 pounds. Pete is going to go through all of it and repackage it into daily quantities thereby getting rid of any unnecessary wrapping.

The menu will be:

Breakfast: Oatmeat with powdered milk, brown sugar and dried raisins to suit.

Lunch/snackage: Trail mix, dried fruit, cheese and crackers, power bar and occasionally a tin of sardines in oil.

Dinner: Different each night: Split Pea Soup with enhancements, Corn Chowder with enhancements, Black Bean Soup with enhancements, Lentil Soup with enhancements. Enhancements being dried onion, garlic, tomato, vegetable mix and hard cheese added to taste. And there will be spaghetti noodles with different powdered sauces to round out the eight days.

Dave and I are tea drinkers and will have a variety of our favorite teas. Pete will bring his coffee.

Now I have to put together my menu for the six days I will be camping in the Vanagon prior to the backpacking trip. (I'm going early to acclimatize.) I will have potatoes and hamburger, barbie chicken and pork chops, fresh tomatoes and lettuce and pasta sauce and bread and mayo. All those fresh and heavy things I won't be taking in my backpack!

I plan to leave tomorrow after my walk, breakfast, e-mail and blog. I will camp in the National Forest over towards Reno Wednesday night.

Thursday I will arrive at Mammoth. Pete gave me a map of various trail heads where I could park and camp with the Vanagon while doing various levels of day hikes (and learning how to breath at 9,000 feet!).

The 1st of September I will swing by the Ranger Office in Mammoth to pick up our Wilderness Camping Permit, then drive to the McGee Creek trail head. Pete and Dave will arrive that evening. Tuesday the 2nd of September we will hit the trail. Our itinerary is:

Sept. 2nd Big McGee Lake
Sept. 3~4 Tully Lake
Sept. 5~6 Cotton Lake
Sept. 7~8 Cecil Lake
Sept. 9 Big McGee Lake
Sept. 10 Out

That's the plan. And to think my original intention was to start walking each morning around Fort Bragg!


  1. Sounds very exciting.
    Best of luck with your trip!

  2. You are going to be out of town right when I am visiting this year!

  3. Sounds like an excellent trip ,good luck.