Monday, August 18, 2008

Observing Time

I see the Town Clock has stopped again.

Time's up for this bird and the patience of a bird lover.

This rose looks to be at the peak of it's life cycle.

Time to stop by Mendocino Coast Television in the former Footlighters Building on Laurel and pick up your hubcap.

The moment before flight.


  1. Hi Ron, Just stopping by to say hello. I am a night owl, so looks like you are the morning photo person and I can take the photos later on in the day of stuff around town. I kind of stopped taking photos for a bit and just did some other stuff. Hope you can stop by my blog and take a peek at it. Just another Fort Bragg blogger. Take care and like your photos, well, not that bird one pinned up. What a rude person to do that, don't you think? Anyhow, happy photo taking. Sincerely, Another Fort Bragger - Connie

  2. Losing a hubcap I can understand... but the wheel nuts too???