Friday, August 22, 2008

The Call of the Pacific

Waking at my usual 5:55 I could hear the roar of the surf through my window! This mornings walk now determined by curiosity I headed for the Pudding Creek Trestle. Arriving I see there have been quite a few early bird walkers and a bicycle.

There must have been some storm activity far out on the Pacific. We haven't had much weather locally. Looking out to sea I think about Roz and how she is doing. She mentioned in yesterday's blog that the sea was quite rough. If you have been following Roz's blog you know she is rowing to Hawaii and is now within a couple hundred miles of the islands.

Other items of interest. I had never noticed this house before. I like it.

Putting Abalone Shells on fence posts seems to be a coastal pastime and this is a fine example.

This house and fence goes well with this mornings coloring. I need to look around this western part of Fort Bragg some more. The area is quite interesting.

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  1. Love the contrast between the quiet silvery tracks at the top and the riotous eccentricity of the last house.