Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And so it goes

It was a fine three day weekend of radio controlled model airplane flying at Klamath Glenn. A nice turn-out of pilots. Great food and decent weather. Perfect!

Each morning I did my one hour walk using the levee that surrounds and protects Klamath Glenn. There were other walkers that used this nice hiking path provided by the Corp of Army Engineers!

Yesterday, Monday, I had to drive over to the Ukiah Courthouse for Jury Duty. After being included in the first pool of fifty potential jurors it was announced our trial was settled out of court! Cool! Back to blogging.....

Sunrise clearing the coastal hills later and later each day. I wouldn't doubt ol' Orion is starting to show up in the evening sky. Bummer. Fall is on the way.

Oh yeah, Fall is definitely on the way!

But the fully mature flowers are spectacular.


I have been reluctant to mention "it" because mentioning "it" on my blog sort of turns "it" into a commitment made to a wider audience than just myself. If I would just keep "it" to myself I could always change my mind and nobody would ever know but..., well....

So..... what is "it"?

"It" is a eight day backpacking trip in the High Sierras with my friend Pete. I have been thinking about doing this since Spring Break last April when Pete first offered to show me around "up there" in return for me showing him around "down there" in the deserts. Since then I have been just sort of dancing around the edges of the possibility but recently I have started to prepare my body as my mind has come to accept the idea. You see, I have not gone backpacking since my hike to Panamint City and that was for only two nights two years ago. And..., I'm getting older.

I dug out my old Kelty backpack and have gradually been adding books and potatoes and water and Petanque boules as dead weight and going for short hikes. My pack it now up to 33 pounds but I need to be able to haul at least 35 pounds, maybe 40. Recently I started hiking up and down and all around Otis Johnson Park. Otis Johnson is the only place within walking distance that isn't flat! I know hiking at sea level isn't preparing me for McGee Pass which is around 12,000 feet but.... well, I'll just have to deal with that when I get there. Our trip is set for early September. Stay tuned.

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