Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hump Day

A waning or Gibbous moon peaking through the Marine Layer.
A mnemonic that works for me....
Lit on right... Rising.
Lit on left... Leaving.

I'm happy to report our town clock is back on track!

I received this bit of information from my friend Mary:

At the corner of West and W Fir Streets are two Victorians (circa 1904) that are mirror images of each other. Although I have not been able to verify this, local lore has it that the builder of the Guest House built these two houses for his daughters, and one of our City employees says that her great uncle built them. I have also heard that the high schoolers, when driving north on West Street, call it, “Passing through the vortex” .

During this morning's walk I checked it out and here they are!

The sun cleared the coastal hills at 6:45 AM.

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